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A Bit About Us

Founded in 2021, The Village Fosters is an organization dedicated to loving and supporting Children. The group looks to plant chapters of TVF where support is offered through regular support meetings, sharing of information and best practices. We also partner with lo- cal restaurants and other business- es to provide meals and a few surprise gifts for our brave parents and children.

We now have two chapters in Oklahoma. We are looking to expand to 100 chapters in the next ten years. 

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How You Can Help

  •  $25 provides childcare for a support meeting

  •  $50 buys a gift for a foster family

  •  $125 provides food and drinks for a meeting

  •  $250 covers the expenses of one meeting.

  •  $1000 covers a month of meetings

  •  $5000 provides the seed money to launch the next chapter of TVF

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