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TVF Bartlesville

The Bartlesville Chapter has officially opened! 

Dinner begins at 5:30. 

Childcare and Meetings are from 6:00-7:00 PM. 

We meet on Monday nights at Disciples Christian Church. The front door is on the East side of the building under the Portico. 

5800 Douglas Ln. Bartlesville, OK 74006

All current information about meetings is shared on our Facebook page. 

Bartlesville: Projects

This Week

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We strive to provide trauma-informed, child-centered childcare. Our goal is to walk alongside children and their adults to help them succeed. This looks like redirection, sensory breaks, and predictable programming.



Nursery: Birth through Pre-K

We have at least two certified and trained staff members every week that ensure we provide quality childcare for children with trauma backgrounds and with a variety of needs. 



DOTS: Kindergarten and Older

DOTS is where children learn who they are and find other safe healthy dots to be around. They will have predictable, structured time together that is trauma-informed and connection based.  The Village Fosters will have community guests that volunteer their time to come and lead games and activities.



Connections: 6th through 12th grade 

Connections is for youth 6th-12th grade. It's about putting the dots together and building safe healthy connections. It is on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 PM. It is a non-religious, open and affirming group that focuses on educational units such as healthy boundaries, mental health, LGBTQIA+, and racism.




For children who are not yet ready to be apart from their adults, there is a space in the sanctuary where we have our meetings and trainings where kids can stay and play quietly.

Bartlesville: Projects
Bartlesville: Get Involved

Meeting Resources

This is a safe space. And safe spaces need healthy boundaries.
The following is a set of guidelines we expect all participants to follow
to maintain our safe space when at our in-person meetings.

Bartlesville: About Us
Bartlesville: Our Team

Callie Rivera

Co-founder of Bartlesville Chapter
LGBTQ+ Youth Advocate

How do I get involved in Bartlesville

There are many ways to be The Village.

GAP Program


Volunteer your time

We are always looking for people to help serve food and clean up on Monday nights.
Or maybe you have a heart for children and can become one of our background-checked volunteers and provide one on one support for children who need assistance.
Contact us if you are interested in wrapping around our children and families in a tangible way.

Pampering Program


Donate your services, goods, or


The Village Foster provides dinners every Monday night. If you would like to donate dinner or sponsor a dinner, contact us. We feed 25+ people each week. 

We also provide prizes and gifts as a way to show our love and support for our families. We have given away zoo passes, spa visits, meal cards, and even a visit from a house cleaner. It is just one small way to pamper those who often do without for themselves.


DOTS Community Guest

Art Class

Donate your FUN

We partner with members of our community to provide fun and engaging activities for our DOTS kids each week. Crafts, games, yoga, art, music, there is an endless amount of ways to connect with our kids in a safe, loving way. Or maybe you have a special talent or hobby that is kid friendly that you are passionate about sharing. Contact our childcare coordinator to see if it fits into our mission of providing trauma-informed childcare.

Bartlesville: Get Involved

Get our new app for your phone

We are piloting an app for the Bartlesville chapter where you can sign in for the weekly meetings and keep all the information right on your phones home screen. To get the app, simply scan the QR code with your phones camera and it will prompt you on how to add it to your home screen. 

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